Business Philosophy


To consistently improve ourselves through our commitment to our people and clients via our quality assurance methods and raising the benchmark in the food safety and quality assurance services industry.



MQA strives to maintain the finest quality in services alongside our objective of sustaining superior customer liaison.  In doing so, we realise the strength of both service and customer quality is a consequent of an excellent client to contractor interaction.



To continually supply sustainable support to small and medium businesses.


Mission Statement

MQA’s main priority is to consistently supply a service of the highest possible standard.  We endeavour to maintain our existing clientele and secure new customers through a reliable and quality service.

MQA aspires to compete with leaders in the quality assurance industry and keep abreast of continually changing requirements of the ever-demanding food industry.  Where appropriate, we shall invest in the training and development of all aspects that are required for the continual success of our business.