By Nate Seltenrich (Nate Seltenrich covers science and the environment from Petaluma, California. His work has appeared in High Country News, Sierra, Yale Environment 360, Earth Island Journal, and other regional and national publications). This article by: Food Processing Online Magazine.  Original paper can be found here. Sometimes there’s more […]

Improving Risk Assessment of Food Contact Materials

  Cleaning and sanitation of your plant and equipment should be a standard continuation of your good manufacturing practices of your food processes.  You make a mess – you clean the mess.  You modify the operations – you re-set the operations for the next start up.   Cleaning and sanitation […]

Cleaning and Sanitation

By Michael Hughes So, what is infection control? No, it has nothing to do with zombies (although with better procedures in place, I’m sure many cases of zombie infection might have been avoided!).  Infection control is an important part of the food safety chain starting with the raw materials all […]

Infection Control

By Michael Hughes A well designed and implemented Food Safety Management System (FSMS) can not only help your business within the parameters of your current food safety needs, but can put you in the position where any future food safety needs are able to be implemented efficiently, leaving you to […]

Why You Need a Food Safety Management System

By Michael Hughes   Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are well aware that ‘new’ foods are a big thing right now.  It seems like we can’t go a day without being informed of new, healthier, ways to eat and be introduced to a range of foods we’ve […]

Here’s the thing about… Lupin

By Michael Hughes Gastroenteritis, which can also be known as ‘gastro’, ‘gastro flu’, ‘food poisoning’, is a common illness that covers a range of viral and bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract – or the tummy.  While forms of gastro itself are not fatal, anyone who has suffered from gastro […]


By Michael Hughes   An important reminder on the risks and what pregnant women can do to minimise them.     Food safety is an important part of life for everyone, particularly for pregnant women.  During pregnancy mums and their unborn babies are more susceptible to foodborne illnesses, which can […]

Pregnancy and Food Safety

By Michael Hughes   About one in five Australians are suffering from a mental health condition in the workplace right now, yet as many as half will continue to turn up to work despite their symptoms contributing to a lower level of performance.  In 2014 a report published by PwC […]

Mental Health in the Workplace

  We’ve all been told we need to wash our hands for almost as long as we can remember.  Giving our hands a rinse after using the bathroom or before dinner is second nature, but very few people know why washing our hands is so important and most have never […]

Hand Washing

HACCP Status Normally a CCP | Critical Control Point   Purpose To kill potentially pathogenic bacteria To reduce levels of potentially pathogenic bacteria to an acceptable level   Care is required during the cooking process to ensure high risk items such as raw egg or raw meats are fully cooked […]