About Us

Background of the Business

MQA was established in 2010 to supply affordable support to the food industry.  There is a vast gap between costly and free support.  With the ever-changing rules and regulations thrust upon business owners, MQA is able to supply information, documentation, and support to these businesses.

MQA visits businesses and determines ways to improve or implement their quality assurance systems, therefore also assisting with management growth and company morale.

Our business purpose is to assist small to medium business enterprises become certified in food safety and quality assured systems. 

Business Structure

MQA is solely owned by Janette Hughes.  Specialists from various professions related to the food industry are used directly by the client to ensure costs are minimal.

Client Scope 

Our client scope includes, but is not limited to:

  • Aged care and childcare kitchens
  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Caterers
  • Food distributors
  • Food manufacturers
  • Food warehouses
  • New businesses
  • Procurement only
  • Support businesses to the food industry

Our People and Affiliates

Janette Hughes

QA Implementer

Dr Ajay Shay

Food Technologist

Jane Del Rosso

Food Business Coach